The Sweatshop Industry and Child Labour in NIC's Essay

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The Sweatshop Industry and Child Labour in NIC's This report is aimed at investigating if the two major TNC's Nike and Gap manufacture their products according to their code of vendor conduct. Both companies code of vendor conduct clearly states that no workers are employed under the legal minimum age and sweatshops don't exist in their factories. A sweatshop is a factory where employees are subject to extreme exploitation; they work in dreadful conditions with health and safety hazards, for little pay and long hours. Child labour is, as the word suggests, when children under the legal minimum age are employed to work When we hear brand names such as Nike and Gap, most of us will…show more content…
This 'excuse' hinders outsiders knowing exactly what is happening inside the factory. People didn't want to tell us about the factories whereabouts either, as they were scared of getting physically assaulted by the security men surrounding the factory. At last we found a factory called June Textiles, which manufactured products for both Nike and Gap, but no one would tell us more than that. Checking treatment of workers here was going to be a huge task. The factory was well guarded and looked like any ordinary factory from the outside, but at that time we didn't know what harsh realities workers were facing inside the factory. We needed to talk to the workers on home turf, away from the security men surrounding the factory. Late at night we got a call from a couple of workers who said they were prepared to speak to us, if we met them after their shift, at their home. For them to talk openly about the conditions in the factory was a big step. This was the one of our first big surprises, 8 women were living together in a tiny little room which on a regularly basis had power cuts and was without running water. As we interviewed them they told us that Nike and Gap treat them as dirt, they work 16 hours a day, which is 112 hours a week. This contradicts with Nike and Gap's code of vendor conduct, which says ´´On a regularly scheduled basis requires no more than 60 hours of work per

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