The Sweet Choice : Obesity Rates

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Nelsen Carmona The Sweet Choice Obesity rates are rising steadily and aren’t dropping anytime soon unless someone takes a stand and puts a stop to it. That is what the government is attempting. The weight of a person depends on a person’s own opinion, but not many people are caring about themselves. The reason behind this epidemic are all the sugary drinks, all the unhealthy foods, and the rising prices on healthy foods. Taxing sugary drinks would be a good step to a first attempt at preventing obesity. Think about all the people who would second guess buying the unhealthy drinks, making it better to prevent the purchase of sugary, unhealthy drinks. Although, both sides will agree that obesity is a terrible situation to be in, there are…show more content…
My family and I aren’t fortunate financially speaking. We are a hardworking middle class. It is reasonably unfair that we have to pay for other peoples medical expenses just as any other working family would. It is unjust that those who are overweight get more use in our money than we do. David Allison mentions that we are “throwing $147 billion in public funds” (qtd. in Clemmitt 1020). What the tax would be doing here is saving our economy a couple of million dollars. The citizens win in the perspective of living a healthier life, and the economy would be affected positively in the manner that our debt will decrease. Being obese means having to live a life with many complications along with all the extra weight. With all the consumption of the wrong foods and excess sugars our bodies consume, we are only endangering our lives with so many possible chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is one of the causes of all the unhealthy eating. I have a grandfather who has lived most of his life obese with Type 2 Diabetes. I’ve seen him suffer over minor things such as cuts and scrapes. If only he would’ve taken the right decisions when he could he wouldn’t have to be choking down pills all day. It doesn’t seem like fun and games when you have to constantly be looking out at what you do. According to Marcia Clemmitt, the reason for these triggering life diseases are causes by the high fructose in sodas (1013).
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