The Swerve Vs. World Civilizations And Ideas

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Sessy Hernandez HIST 1113 Gomez April 25, 2016 The Swerve vs. World Civilizations and ideas Stephen Greenblatt introduces several different themes through out his writing in The Swerve. Making it helpful in understanding the ancient worlds civilizations. While Greenblatt narrates the events of Poggio Bracciolini the themes of social hierarchies, nature/culture, and gender are brought up to various times through out the story. These themes reveal parallels and similarities with the ancient world. This essay argues the similarities and differences in which the swerve and ancient civilizations might have with one another. Author Stephan Greenblatt tells a story about a book hunter named Poggio Bracciolini. In this story Poggio saves the last copy of the works of a very famous poet named Lucretius on the nature of things. Lucretius ideas helped explain renaissance. People no longer chose to believe in super natural explanations, but instead chose to believe in atoms and how the world consists of matter. Through out the book Greenblatt introduces important new ideas to the table and how those ideas influenced modern age. The ideas are brought up and compare to themes in great ways. Greenblatt included many themes that could be analyzed and compared with the ancient world civilizations and their traditions along with their way of life. The theme of social hierarchy in the swerve was present, putting Poggio at the point of curiosity when he was left without a master, bringing

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