The Swimming Event Of Doom

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In the past, when people asked me what my biggest fear is I would often lie and say I was deadly afraid of spiders or the dark. But, there was actually a real fear which I obtained. It was the 200 IM, a swimming event which consists of 50 yard of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Every swimmer has that one event which the dread or wish didn 't exist. For different swimmers, this “Event of Doom” may vary from the 500 yard freestyle or the 200 yard butterfly. For some there may be a story behind their reason but for others, it may be just because they are downright scared of swimming it. For me I had had a bad past with it and wanted to hide the story as much as possible; hence, the only people who knew what had happened…show more content…
I plunged into the deep water unsure of whether my decision was the right thing to do. I slowly started swimming a few strokes of freestyle lazily, lifting my hand only a few inches on top of the water. I had this bad feeling in the back of head and although I wanted to believe that it was possible for me to do it, I couldn 't bring myself to the fact. “Next event, 200 I.M. Girls, ages 11 to 12.” I heard the announcer say through the speakers. I took one last look at my coach and gave her eyes filled with fright and nervousness, like a scared ant being being stared down by a kid with a magnifying glass. “Let’s go Rhea!” I heard my coach urge. “I just know you can!” “Swimmers, step up,” called the announcer. He waited until the six swimmers walked up to their diving blocks. I stepped on the block and was medas there was an earthquake around me that only affected me and constantly causing my feet to wobble. The swimmers bent down and held the edge of the diving blocks. I looked so ready and professional on the diving block, but inside my stomach was on the world’s biggest rollercoaster and my heart was the one who wanted to jump out into the pool. The water smiled gleefully and taunting at me. I heard a piercing sound and decided that it was do or die. I jumped with my hands squeezed in a streamline, slightly shaking and it was only about five seconds before my head would touch the cool water. From the corner of my eye, I saw the swimmers
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