The Swimming Pool Reconstruction At Naperville North

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The swimming pool reconstruction at Naperville North was part of a two-part renovation project, including the parking lot where the students park their cars. This two-part project ended up costing the school $4,353,142.00, according to Lamp Incorporated Construction. Obviously, the parking lot renovations were completed for the beginning of the school year in August, because if they were not there would be no space for students to park and many people would be upset. There were fewer people to complain about the swimming pool not being completed for the start of the girls swim team season, so, logically, the parking lot was the more prominent focus of the construction workers to finish for the start of the school year. Needless to say the start of my high school swimming career did not go as I had imagined it, and the gender inequality became more and more evident as I continued in the Naperville North swim team program. We had early morning practice at Naperville Central, meaning we practiced earlier than a normal morning practice so we would have time to travel back to Naperville North. Sometimes the bus that would take us from Naperville Central in the morning to Naperville North was late and the swim team was late to class, which was frightening as a freshman. Then after school instead of going straight to practice we would go home, for what seemed like no time at all, and then we would have to change and get the carpool going so we could all get to Naperville Central to

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