The Swollen Fox, The Hen And The Golden Egg, And Every Hero

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In this essay were going to be talking about how ancient culture still inspires and teaches us. The myths and fables we are using is The Swollen Fox, The Hen and the Golden Egg, and Every Hero a child should know Perseus.There are many type of triggers. The meaning we are using of triggers is you would do anything to get rid of something you're anxious about. The triggers we are talking about is hunger,impatience,and foolishness. The first story I will be talking about is “The Swollen Fox”. The fox was hungry and decided to eat food that was left by wolves but then got stuck in the hole where the food was. The fox “began to groan and lament his fate” (Aesop). In this case the fox’s trigger hunger which means he would do anything to get rid
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