The Swot Analysis For Starbucks

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Moving towards the SWOT analysis, it is a valuable system for surveying an organization and its surroundings, condensing the primary environmental issue as circumstances and risk confronting an organization (Palmer, A.2012). The SWOT analysis for Starbucks is:

One of the main strength of Starbucks is their robust financial performance which in turns helps it to become the market leader in the category of coffee. According to (Forbes, 2014) Starbucks Market cap is around $55.94 Billion which is the main edge over its competitors. Achieving the Top of the mind strategy, whenever we listen coffee or best customer care and quality, we automatically refer Starbucks in our mind. With over 21000 stores in more than 65 countries, it shows great expansion and connection in the world ( Due to great expansion, Starbucks can afford a premium price of coffee and other products. Starbucks is known for its management skills in terms of quality and customer service. They put a lot of emphasis on people skills and soft skills which is critically important in terms of success and failure. It creates a soft ambiance for its employees in which they remain happy and at the end of the day they make customers happy. My enable customer to provide their feedback on the customer and product services. On the other hand Starbucks uses experiential marketing, in which customer always wanted to experience the environment of Starbucks.
The core product of Starbucks

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