The Swot Analysis Helps You To Have A Better Foresight

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The SWOT analysis helps you to have a better foresight of awareness of what your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats entail to know what direction to better utilize strategies to approach a project, such as an obesity initiative, in order to have a successful outcome. S Acknowledgment that there is an obesity problem Community leaders, schools, and healthcare organizations working together to combat obesity Initiating of obesity educational workshops and wellness programs Increased schools diet with consumption of more fruit and vegetables The availability of recreation facilities to increase physical exercise Increased the number of farmer’s markets in the community It is estimated that over 145,800 residents in…show more content…
Also, with Somerset County being a high-cost community, many live in a few of its cities below the poverty level and cannot afford healthy foods and even pay rent (Somerset County Planning Board, 2013). Affording healthy groceries can be problematic when trying to maintain your health, and there are not enough funds to provide vouchers to all those in need of purchasing healthier foods. O Available resources The availability of financial grants The ability to work with school dietitians and physical education teachers Adding education on obesity to the school’s curriculum Opportunity to work with grocery store franchise Working with recreation facilities and employers Working with food pantries to distribute healthy food By reaching out to external opportunities of resources such as schools, grocery store franchise owners, the parks systems, recreation facilities, and corporations, along with charitable organizations, it will help Somerset County reduce the obesity epidemic with the available use of financial funding through Robertwood Foundation and Shaping NJ Community grants to successfully set forth in achieving its task force, “Healthier You and Healthier Families” goals. T Lack of grocery stores that provide affordability, healthy foods Too many unhealthy food advertisements Too many fast food

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