The Swot Analysis Of Ebay Inc

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EBay Inc is a worldwide online retailer and auction industry that operate a web-based marketplace for all individuals to buy or sell anything online. In order to understand the business environment of eBay, we will first need to understand eBay’s internal and external environment. In order to do so, we have to analyze the SWOT analysis of eBay. EBay consists of many strengths that have made it one of the top online marketplace. In contrast, eBay also has many weaknesses that they are unable to overcome and could have a huge influence on the company’s reputation. There are also various threats and opportunities from the external environment that have also had a positive or a negative impact on the company. The first section of this paper will be promptly focused on the historical background of eBay. The second section of this paper will be discussing about the SWOT analysis of eBay. In the second section, we will first be discussing about the strengths of eBay Inc following by the weaknesses of the company. Then, we will be learning about the opportunities and threats that eBay faced. Research Background Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, developed a web-based marketplace called Auctionweb (now known as eBay) on September 3, 1995 to serve as the first website to offer live auctions online. EBay is a powerful Internet platform that connects people from around the world. Pierre Omidyar is the current Chairman of eBay today. He is also known as the first person to ever place

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