The Syllabus For English 101

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The syllabus for English 101 presents a variety of objectives, most of which concern the construction of a coherent narrative. I like to think I have achieved at least some of them. In particular, taking this course has taught me to pre-write to generate ideas with which to start a paper, to elaborate my ideas into an appropriate length for said papers, and to remedy minor grammatical errors for a more streamlined end result. I believe I have clearly demonstrated improvement in the aforementioned areas in all my major writing assignments, with a gradual increase in quality further into the semester. However, the second point, fabricating an essay of reasonable length (especially under a time constraint), continues to be inordinately difficult for me; that is not to say I cannot write a such essay at all, but I do suffer from acute writer’s block much of the time.

Earlier in this course, I stated that my sentiments towards writing could be summed up by a single image: that of an unfilled page, ever supplanting my stream of consciousness with blankness, nothingness, before I could transcribe it into words. Hyperbolic as that may have been, composing something substantial has always been, and still is, my greatest struggle when attempting to write. I have not done a lot of academic writing in my life. I hardly attended high school, and, save for the writing portion of my GED years ago, I have never had to write under a time constraint before this class. As a college student I…

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