The Symbolic Interaction Theory and My Family

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The Symbolic Interaction theory refers to ways in which a family or society attaches meaning to verbal communication, non-verbal communication, people, and objects. We are taught from a young age communication using verbal language and accepted ways to express our needs. The theory represents perception of objects or actions (Macionis, 2007, p.17). Members of a family learn what is acceptable within the family. We also can know through body language when a family member is stressed, angry, happy, or sad. We learn appropriate ways to interact based on non-verbal communication (Cherlin, 2008, p.24, 29). In my family it is easy to tell when my mom is stressed out and just needs a few minutes alone. She will express this need non-verbally…show more content…
Through what my sister and I we were taught growing up, we function and have learned our roles in society based on the values instilled in us as children. Our family learned to function as a unit through its structure.
Theory three: Social Exchange

The Social Exchange theory proposes that we make decisions with the goal to maximize benefits and minimize costs (Newman, 2009, p.64). The choices we make require social approval and self-sufficiency. A family will make sacrifices if they perceive the action will equal rewards. Basically the theory refers to a give and take relationship where there needs to be balance for the relationship to be satisfying. The Social Exchange theory applies to everyone at one time or another. We make exchanges with friends, family, and in the workplace. We cooperate with others and make reasonable decisions to achieve a reward. Sometimes we make sacrifices with the hope of receiving something of value in return in the future. My family made sacrifices for me when I was in college to become a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). My parents allowed me to stay at home and only work part-time so that I could concentrate on my schoolwork. They provided for me so that I could have a better future and good career. The relationship may not have seemed as profitable for them as myself, but the reward for them was knowing that
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