The Symbolic Language of Dreams

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I found the reading "The Symbolic Language of Dreams", written by Stephens King, a very interesting story to write about. King stated a quote in his introduction saying that dreams are a useful way that help people find the nature of their problems; or, find answers to their problems in a symbolic way. The purpose of this essay is to show that dreams and imaginations were two main factors in King 's successful life. Hence, dreams and imaginations are critical factors when writing; they sure can resolve many issues and expand our thoughts in order to write better and longer books. Without passion writing good books is impossible.

King claims that his book "Salem 's Lot" was the perfect example of using a dream in his writings. Dreams are
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But in the middle, the world is gone and I 'm able to see better" (22). From this we can conclude that King is very passionate about dreaming and writing. King showed us his passion by using beautiful metaphors where he compares dreams to the fish that live in the ocean. He said that deep fish are to surface fish, what deep dreams are to surface thoughts -- meaning that, when we try to get the deep fish to the water surface, they
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