The Symbolic Meaning of Color in China and Western Countries

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The symbolic meaning of the color word of between China and western countries Summary: Show in the Chinese-English language the words of different colors or color is very abundant. We not merely should pay attention to observing themselves' basic meaning, should paying attention to the deep and broad symbolic meaning of their meaning even more, because their symbolic meaning often has different characteristics in different national languages, some characteristics even form people to the advocating and taboo of the color after guiding stretching , transferred meaning. The difference of symbolic meanings of the color between such different culture is because of each national difference and producing of…show more content…
Color intension and symbolic meaning are very abundant in Chinese culture, and the symbolic meaning of the color word is plural. For example, the red in Chinese culture comes from the sun. Our ancestor has a kind of instinctive attachment and worships to the sunshine, the red joyous and lucky production naturally of purpose. With getting white as example and then, in mankind initial stage, our ancestor is small and weak and unable, make them completely exposed in broad daylight, an attack of the irresistible fiendish beast of prey, therefore the dialogue color has a kind of instinctive frightened sense, so the white becomes a kind of color and prohibits avoiding as taboo in Chinese culture. It is obvious; the symbolic meaning of the color demonstrates the human psychological characteristics at the same time. Second, concrete description of different symbolic meanings of the color in Chinese and Western culture. , the red advocates the color basically in our country's culture. It is lucky , joyous that it symbolizes; For example facilitate others bright marriage name " matchmaker ", joyous day will be it register for bright red lantern to want, stick to and form uniting red, the red good fortune word: The man sticks the
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