The Symbolism Of A Voyage Gone Wrong

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6. Device : Dialogue Quote: As the Pequod and the Albatross cross paths, Ahab calls out to the other ship, “"Ahoy there! This is the Pequod, bound round the world! Tell them to address all future letters to the Pacific Ocean! And this time three years, if I am not at home, tell them to address them to—"(Melville 234). However, it is unclear if the other ship was able to hear Ahab over the rough winds that have just knocked the speaking trumpet from the Albatrosses captains’ hand. Analysis: The few words Ahab speaks to the Albatrosses captain end with the ominous thought of the Pequod not making it home to Nantucket. The foreshadowing of a voyage gone wrong is emphasized not just by the cautionary “and if I am not at home…,” but also by the possibility of the unfinished sentence not reaching the other ship. This could allude to the Pequod being out of reach of any help and destined not to return home. The theme of death in the entire novel is emphasized here, the ill-fated mission of the Pequod dooming her and her crew to never complete their journey home. 7. Device: Juxtaposition Quote: The narrative of Ishmael onboard the Pequod is interrupted by Ishmael telling a story of a ship the Pequod encountered. He is speaking to a group of men in Peru, long after his voyage with the Pequod. He begins the story with, “For my humor 's sake, I shall preserve the style in which I once narrated it at Lima, to a lounging circle of my Spanish friends, one saint 's eve, smoking
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