The Symbolism of the 'Birches'

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On the surface, the poem "Birches" by Robert Frost is simply about a man who would like to believe that birch trees are bent from young boys swinging on them, despite the evidence that it is merely a result of the ice-storms. Even with this knowledge he prefers the idea of the boys swinging from the trees because he was a birch swinger years ago and continuously dreams of returning and experiencing those pleasant memories once again. From a more explored and analytical point of view, the birch trees symbolize life and serves as the speaker 's temporary channel of escape from the world and its harsh realities. The speaker uses his imagination to return to his innocent childhood. He hopes to relieve stress and prepare to face life and…show more content…
These disruptive words can portray feelings of discomfort, fear, sorrow, and almost intrude the reader 's pleasant visual images of the birches. These disruptions indicate that there is something more meaningful happening than what shows on the surface.
Frost uses personification by giving "Truth" human-like qualities such as interrupting the speaker. This personification alerts the reader that "Truth," or reality is a major part of the theme of this poem, by giving it
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