The Symbols of the Allegory of the Cave

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The Symbols of The Allegory of the cave “The Allegory of the Cave”, is a kind of theory by Plato. In the story, there are three prisoners, sitting in a cave facing the back wall. They are chained at the neck and cannot turn their heads. Behind them is a fire. Between the fire and the cave wall there is a ridge in which puppets of sorts move along and cast shadows on the wall. None of this can be seen by the prisoners. At the opposite end of the cave, behind them, is the exit which leads up to the outside world. Then, one of the prisoner gets free. It's painful to leave the cave physically as he hasn't moved in years and has never seen real light of the sun, but once he gets used to it, he sees the world for what it really is. Later, he…show more content…
It also represents radiant energy. It is a good omen to have the sun shining in your dream” ( But to the prisoner the sun represents truth, those who resided in the cave for so long lived a life of ignorance and watched shadows on the cave wall. These shadows became their world, the shadows became their image of their world. Those who chose to stay chose to accept how things are, but the few who chose to see what is causing these shadows on the wall explored outside of the cave and became temporarily blinded by the light from the sun (they became enlightened) becoming temporarily blind from the sun represents that enlightenment because now that you know what is causing these shadows you will never go back into that cave because now you have discovered a world that is more real. What causes us to see what we see is light, without light we are blind. Without truth we are nothing. The prisoners despise the freed prisoner who has been outside the cave who is representing the philosopher, because he tells them everything they know is a lie and unreal, and also because he appears to them to be a complete fool. He stagger around in the darkness due to the fact he has been out in the sunlight and his eyes have not adjusted to the darkness again. And if someone do that, “They would put him to death” (Plato). The ability to listen to the freed prisoner and explore the world outside the cave. But the prisoners
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