The Symphony Of Beethoven Symphony

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Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony showed the world not only what a nearly perfect musical composition sounds like, but also the sheer relevance and absolute importance of historical context in the perception of music. Written from 1811 to 1812, the piece has to this day remained one of Beethoven’s greatest works. Beethoven dedicated the symphony to Count Moritz von Fries, an aristocrat that frequently hosted Beethoven in his more than accommodating home. The premiere for the symphony was on December 8th, 1813 at a charity concert where the proceeds went to wounded Austrian and Hungarian soldiers from the battle of Hanau. The symphony was immediately popular, winning the admiration of critiques and audiences alike. Described as the most perfect…show more content…
After underestimating the size of the French army, the allies retreated from Madrid and into a small town in western Spain called Ciudad Rodrigo. It was at this point that the French sustained a significant blow from the failed invasion attempt on Russia. As a result, Bonaparte withdrew a sizable portion of troops from the western peninsular war to replenish his primary army. Meanwhile the Duke took the time to reinforce the allied army, and began pushing the French forces out of Madrid. 105,000 allied soldiers met the largely demoralized French army of 60,000 at Vitoria. The Battle decisively ended the peninsular war and led to the eventual collapse of Napoleonic rule in Europe altogether. As did most people in Europe at the time, the inhabitants of Vienna despised Napoleon and the French in general. The victory at Vitoria therefore caused a universal sense of celebration and euphoria to spread throughout Vienna. Originally written for the panharmonicon, a large, automated organ capable of creating several different sound effects, Wellington’s “Victory” was changed for the orchestra. A friend of Beethoven’s, Johann Nepomuk Maelzle, an engineer best known for inventing the metronome, requested that he compose a piece that would commemorate the victory over Napoleon. Widely considered Beethoven’s worst piece: “a piece of startling crudity,” “The Battle Symphony” premiered on December

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