The Symphony Orchestra At The Usf Concert Hall

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On the afternoon of November 23rd, there was a performance by the USF Symphony Orchestra at the USF Concert Hall. Their performance, which was masterful from beginning to end, featured guest artists Jay Hunsberger on the tuba and Dolly Roberts on the harp.
The performance began with Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland, a piece that started with a bang. The pang of a gong, and the beat of the drums, immediately captured and captivated the audience from the start. The slow build that led up to the trumpets and other brass instruments folding in, possessed an almost militaristic feel. Upon looking into the composer, it was no wonder why the triumphant sounds produced by the brass instruments came off as militaristic. Copland composed the piece during World War II. According to Elizabeth Bergman Crist, Copland:

“ . . . committed himself to creating music at once unabashedly modern he committed himself to creating music at once unabashedly modern and identifiably American. The ‘desire to be American was symptomatic of the period,’ he wrote in a later reminiscence. He recalled being ‘anxious to write a work that would immediately be recognized as American in character’ and so turned to jazz as ‘an easy way to be American in musical terms.’ ” (“Music for the Common Man: Aaron Copland During the Depression and War,” p. 3).

It is obvious that Copland accomplished his goal of creating “American” music. Fanfare for the Common Man is an iconic piece, often played in movies…
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