The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

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When people hear the term bipolar, they tend to think of different definitions. Everybody has his or her own definition of bipolar. Nobody actually takes the time to research to find out what being bipolar really means to people who suffer from this disorder. Bipolar disorder is a serious psychological illness which can, however, be controlled with counseling and with medications.
First is the symptoms of bipolar disorder. There are many symptoms of BPD, but as J. Sloan Manning, author of “bipolar disorder, bipolar depression, and comorbid illness,” states psychologists do not yet have any discrete “biomarkers” for bipolar disorder. He goes on to say that they need to “improve the current methods and accuracy in identifying symptoms, behaviors, histories, and known comorbidities” of BPD. Sloan also stated that “primary care physicians must be familiar with the clinical features, risk factors, and defining symptomology of BPD. A major feature of BPD is comorbidity or multimorbidity, which means, “the array of co- occurring conditions and modifiable risk factors that may be indirectly related to BPD” (1-2). Now quoted in “Rethinking Emotion: Cognitive Reappraisal is an Effective Positive and Negative Emotion Regulation Strategy in Bipolar Disorder,” the “core diagnostic criterion for [BPD] involves disruptive affective functioning, including periods of abnormally and persistently elevated mood [i.e. mania]” (Gruber 1)
Next is exactly what BPD is. Quoted in “Rethinking Emotion”
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