The Symptoms Of Jenny's Condition

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Some of the symptoms of Jenny’s condition was that she first kept a messy desk at school, in which her teachers would complain about. She then began hiding her toys from her father and thus, became very emotionally attached to them. After she was put on medication for her ADHD, she was having troubles making simple decisions such as what to wear for the day, and had extreme troubles with throwing away boxes, in which she justified that “she knew they would come in handy for something one day” (34). Jenny began making excuses like this for other irrational hoarding behaviors, such as keeping the original packaging for her toys because, “she knew that an item would typically sell at a higher price if it were in the original packaging” (34). She had anxiety when she thought about losing these types of items, and even had an emotional breakdown when her mother threw away all of her toilet paper rolls. Once she became engaged, she began to become obsessed with wedding planning, which then turned her office into a mess. Even after she had kids, she continued “collecting things that she believed were important,” refusing to throw away anything, which only took over their whole house. She would even constantly buy items off Ebay or Amazon to hoard. All of these dynamic symptoms combined, described hoarding disorder, identified within the book, which is “excessive acquisition and difficultying discarding items, which results in extreme clutter in the living environment.” This is
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