The Symtorical And Cultural Implication Of Godzilla

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Over the years, the television and the entertainment it brings along has been one of man’s many inventions which has embellished living rooms around the world. As the television, advanced in luminosity, resolution and clarity, so has the want for its presence increased in people’s lives. Programming on the big screen has brought laughter, tears, terror and even education in the modern world. One of such terror, is the fascination with evil, bloodshed and the portrayal of doom on the big screen. It is even more fascinating to realize that some people want more, and more of these gory and terrifying displayed imagery. One of such scary movies displayed on television, is that of a creature that looks more of a cross breed between an Iguana, a lizard and a dinosaur. As if this creature’s enormous size and terrifying roar could not make up for it, it was also given the name, Godzilla. Mythical stories viewed by many on the big screen seem to create societies and build a cultural belief system. Based on the 1954 and 2014 Godzilla movies, analysis will be made on the history as well as the metaphorical/ cultural implication of Godzilla. Analysis will be made on the worlds fascination with Godzilla and the footprints that Godzilla has made in the world, as well as the warning message Godzilla symbolizes. In the original 1954 Godzilla movie, the story line shows a fisherman who was trying to catch fish by an island, rather his line is hooked on Godzilla who rises
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