The Synoptic Gospels Lies A Brief Passage Of A Man Carrying The Cross For Jesus

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Within the synoptic gospels lies a brief passage of a man carrying the cross for Jesus. Matthew’s account is the only one that gives this man a name and place of origin—Simon of Cyrene. The passage states, “As they were going out, they met a Cyrenian named Simon; this man they pressed into service to carry his [Jesus’s] cross.” Though his mentioning in the gospel narrative is brief, he serves as a pivotal symbol for those suffering under oppression and those whom are marginalized. Cyrene being a Roman colony in Northern Africa, speaks to a (possible) Black identity for Simon. This image of a Black body being forced to submit to the hands of an oppressive entity, resonates deeply in the historical context of an African American…show more content…
This dominance is exerted through the vehicle of mainstream American cultural standards. These standards seek to devest the voice of the feminine in Black cultural perception and Black self-interpretation. These interpretations and perceptions subsequently do harm to the institution of Black womanhood physically and emotionally. These interpretations are overtly sexualizing the entity of Black womanhood—further denying the complexity of the Black feminine humanity and justifying the oppression and exploitation of Black female bodies. These perceptions of Black womanhood are stealing from the Black feminine their voice in the formation of their own identity—culturally and internally.
Indeed, the cross of White supremacy and main stream Americanism seeks to impose the archetypes of Jezebel, Sapphire, and Mammy on to the institution of Black womanhood. And through these archetypes comes the intention of limiting the Black feminine and perpetuating the ethos of Whiteness. Ultimately, it is in the pressured service of Simon that one witnesses the mandated participation of the Black feminine to adhere to standards and ideals of being that they themselves did not form. Just as Simon bore the cross for Jesus, Black women are bearing the cross of white ethnocentrism for the sake of myths perpetuated by the White ethos—attempting to live and thrive within a culture that does not accept genuine Black femininity which is self-defined and self-determined.
The second cross is

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