The Syrian Border: A Short Story

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Around the year 2014 over the Syrian Border there was a small town named Kobani. A terrorist group had stormed the town terrorizing and killing all who went against there belief and faith. Those who didn't convert to there law were forced to pay fines or face death and die by the sword. In a community of small residential stone buildings under siege, rebel fighters hid from arial bombings coming from U.S., Saudi and Russian coalitions. In the center of town inside a tiny second floor apartment was a young militant fighter by the name of Yousef Azaan. The twenty year old Syrian Rebel was on his computer chatting with a 15 year old Muslim female by the name of Avesta Namara from the United States. For the last few weeks he had been trying to convince her and a dozen other young females around the world who would fall into his propaganda, and travel to Syria to support his brother fighters. He went on to text her, "and you can become a wife of a jihadist bearing his children and continue to spread the word of our God. And if your husband dies in combat you will become the wife of a Martyrs". The young Brooklyn native girl seemed intrigue when Yousef send her a picture of a Ak-47 with the promise of it being hers if she took the long journey. After she got off line she went to bed thinking and was interested in the adventure of marrying a…show more content…
A group of Syrian fighters armed with AK-47's and rocket launchers hid inside Yousef's building as a U.S.A F-15 fighter jet flies over them dropping a 500 pound bomb. The explosion pulverized the small residential building leaving concrete rubble and countless human body parts scattered all over the place. Yousef was blown to pieces. The upper part of his body which was still intact was hovering over the computer he was on before the fatal
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