The Syrian Civil War Crisis

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TO: SECRETARY OF DEFENSE Date 03 November 2014
SUBJECT: Proposed Strategy for Dealing with Syria
POLICY AND OBJECTIVE: the United States desired end state for the Syrian civil war is to end the conflict and stop civilian casualties and to restore peace and stability in the region. Moreover, the objective of the U.S. is to protect its national interest and to deny terrorist safe havens on Syrian territory, limit Iran’s influence while maintaining U.S. influence in the region. This policy supports the creation of a new, tolerant Syrian state that includes all minorities in a liberal democracy government. The complex Syrian civil war crisis involves major key actors including Russia and China who have long been close allies to the Assad regime and has vetoed every UN Security Council attempt to take action against the Assad regime. It is also deeply opposed to any military action, Russia and China retains close political and economic links to the Syrian regime. As well as Iran, a crucial ally of the Assad regime that has decisively backed the Assad regime in addition Iran plays an important role supporting Hezbollah. Therefore To achieve the desired end state, the U.S policy option to use “soft power” to Dismantle of the Russian, Iranian and Chinese economic nodes and Ideology interests in Syria. Believed to be the best option because these options are…
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