The Syrian Civil War Is A Continuing International Conflict

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The Syrian Civil War is a continuing international conflict caused by the backlash of President Bashar al-Assad’s government. In early 2011, the Arab Spring protests sparked nationwide protests against the government. The protest gradually morphed into armed rebellion. While the civil unrest grew, many native Syrians fled their homeland for the protection and safety of their families. Over two million Syrians are estimated to be living in refugee camps in Turkey but many Syrians who traveled to other countries were told that they could only stay for a temporary amount of time. One country that opened its doors to the refugees is Germany, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel remarked that it was a “fundamental right to asylum for the politically persecuted knows no upper limit; that also goes for refugees who come to us from hell of a civil war.” While Germany and other northern European countries seems like a haven for the Syrian refugees, the path there is long, crossing into other countries that are less than welcoming of the refugees, like Hungary. European countries need to find humanitarian ways to help the Syrian refugees. Currently, the Syrian refugees can be seen as a nation of people. This nation is in crisis and hundreds of thousands of people are putting themselves in danger to escape a war-torn country. The Syrian refugees have met with many road block when it comes to finding sanctuary in Europe. Hungary has closed it’s borders and is currently fencing off the
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