The Syrian Civil War

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The Syrian Civil War has had a profound effect of all Syrians as well as neighbouring countries and the international community. With more than 11 million homeless Syrians comes consequences beyond what most of the world population has ever experienced or anticipated. Of the displaced, almost 5 million are refugees outside Syria and around 6 million have been displaced inside Syria, with half of all displaced Syrians being children. The main causes of displacement amongst the population is the violence committed by all sides of the war, and which often targets civilians or centres of high civilian activity (such as markets, hospitals, schools, workplaces or high density residential areas). One main group heavily affected by the conflict…show more content…
Almost all Syrian children have had to skip 5 years of their childhood, and many will grow up without families due to the extreme consequences of the Syrian Civil War. The consequences of the conflict on outside nations has been tremendous. The Syrian Civil War has led to arguably the worst humanitarian crisis since World War 2, and although the plight of refugees through Europe is highly publicised, the number of refugees in Europe only accounts for 10% of the total number displaced across the world. The majority of Syrian refugees currently reside in neighbouring such as Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The economic and social strain on these countries is immense, and the issue of aid and refugee resettlement has become a polarising issue in all countries which have offered/are discussing whether to take in refugees and resettle them. In fact, In Turkey alone, there are around 2,700,000 registered refugees in various camps and throughout the country. Turkey has also given $8,000,000,000 in aid to the cause. The situation is particularly bad in Jordan where almost 650,00 registered refugees reside. A Jordanian census conducted in 2015 showed that there were twice as many refugees as first thought, meaning that half were unregistered. The wave of refugees into
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