The Syrian Conflict And The European Refugee Crisis

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The Syrian Conflict and the European Refugee Crisis In the past few months Europe has received the most amounts of migrants and refugees since the end of the Second World War. The majority of refugees seeking asylum in European countries are from the war-torn state of Syria. The destabilization of the Middle East from the Arab Spring and intervention from western nations has led to violence, poverty, and fear to spread throughout the region. Since the mid 1960’s, Syria, the nation nestled within the cradle of civilization, has been ruled by the Al-Assad regime, who govern with an iron fist. The quasi-dictatorship within Syria had not been challenged until the Arab Spring began in 2011, where many totalitarian regimes were toppled through protest and revolution. The Arab Spring has resulted in the ousting of rulers from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, with uprisings and civil wars taking place in countries like Algeria, Iraq, and of course Syria. Due to the fact that the Al-Assad regime would not step down from power peacefully, were facing scrutiny, and a possible revolution, the regime launched military forces around the country to control the people. Bashar Al-Assad the current Syrian president is accused of committing war crimes, mass executions and even using chemical weapons on his own people. Through all the chaos, different militias and revolutionary groups such as the YPG (or People 's Defense Units), the Islamic Front, and Hezbollah have begun to fight one

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