The Syrian Conflict Of Syria

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The Syrian Conflict The conflict in Syria began in March 2011 in Deraa after multiple teenagers who painted revolution slogans on a school wall were apprehended and later tortured by the Syrian government. Pro-democracy protests broke out and security forces began shooting at protestors and multiple were killed, which truly sparked the beginning of the conflict. More protests went on throughout the nation calling for President Assad to step down and after he did not, by July 2011, there were hundreds of protestors taking the streets across the country demanding he resign. As more time passed and no change was made, the country eventually broke into a civil war as rebels were battling the government forces for control of land. The fighting expanded through out the country, reaching the capital Damascus as well as the important city of Aleppo. By August of 2015, over 250,000 were killed and that number has only increased by now. The United States and Russia are both involved in this issue, as the U.S is backing the rebel forces to try to remove Assad from power, but Russia is backing Assad and providing aid to his campaign. Not only is it a battle between rebel forces as well as government forces, but also new dimensions such ISIS, a rising jihadist group, added a new dimension. The Islamic State has taken advantage of the chaos and has gained large areas of land in Syria and Iraq. ISIS not only poses a threat to the people of Syria, but also the people of the United States,
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