The Syrian Refugee Crisis And The Middle East

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America is known by many as the home of the free. While this may be something many Americans identify to be true, the struggle for freedom in Syria is a battle that is displacing many citizens of that region. Throughout the media, there are reports of political leaders taking different stands and positions on the Syrian refugee crisis and displacement in the Middle East. According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of displacement is “to force (people or animals) to leave the area where they live”. More recently, the voices of today’s officials have been heard saying things like, keep immigrants out we need to keep potential terrorist away, keep our country safe, and stop immigrants from using America’s resources. Each one of these arguments can be justified and deserves attention, but everyone needs to consider what will happen to these refugees if help is refused to them. With that being said, it’s safe to say that war, discrimination, terror attacks, and lack of humanitarian needs are causing the Syrian refugees to be evacuated from their homes, and it’s every person’s obligation to help them.
Getting into the guts and glory of war isn’t the objective of this paper. Rather, this paper is more concerned with focusing on why the war started in the first place – in order to better understand why the war is causing people to leave the country. It began with the people protesting against the Syrian government because they wanted democratic reforms. On March 15, 2011, a…

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