The Syrian Refugee Crisis And The Middle East

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America is known by many as the home of the free. While this may be something many Americans identify to be true, the struggle for freedom in Syria is a battle that is displacing many citizens of that region. Throughout the media, there are reports of political leaders taking different stands and positions on the Syrian refugee crisis and displacement in the Middle East. More recently, the voices of today’s officials have been heard saying things like, keep immigrants out we need to keep potential terrorist away, keep our country safe, and stop immigrants from using America’s resources. Each one of these arguments can be justified and deserves attention, but everyone needs to consider what will happen to these refugees if help is refused…show more content…
This is a predominately Muslim country, so all others, such as the Kurds, Jews, and Christians have become prime suspects during the pushing for governor in Syria. For example, one ethnic minority group, the Syrian Kurds, were protesting about ethnic discrimination. The Syrian government denies their culture and language, giving them no rights because they are considered foreigners. The government used this opportunity to drive out people of other religious backgrounds. Where fighting may not have been present, it has now spread, due to some seeking out people of different ethnicities in acts of discrimination. This is a rising issue in the Syrian refugee crisis because it 's spreading the violence to areas that weren’t currently battling. Thus, forcing more people to become displaced throughout the region.
To escalate the problem, rebel terror groups such as ISIS took advantage of the opportunity to sneak in and further the conflict. It seems as though they took a “kick them when they’re down” approach. The group of terrorist seemed to have waited until the country was in the maximum amount of stress and joined the fight, full of vigor. Additionally, this group isn’t only aggressive toward people of other ethnic backgrounds, they’re also fighting against other sections of Muslims as well. For example, the Sunni Muslims are attacking the Shi’ite Muslims for control. Furthermore, not only did they add to the conflict, ISIS also caused
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