The Syrian Refugee Crisis Essay

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis
Conflict, this term has a broad definition that is defined as “latent tensions and disagreements on the one end and goes to armed and violent clashes (e.g. wars) on the other” (Eroglu Utku, Sirkeci, and Yazgan 2015). This is the root cause of many of the violent wars and crises that have occurred over thousands of years. In more recent times critical conflicts that have occurred throughout the world have had adverse effects globally. It was estimated, by the United Nations, that at the end of 2013 over 51 million people globally, more than half of which included women and children, were displaced due to persecution, warfare, and violence (Salopek 2015). The Syrian civil war has been a large contributor for this large number of displaced people; it has affected countries throughout the world due to the millions of people that have had to find permanent settlement elsewhere as a result of the war between the Syrian government, rebel forces, and ISIS. This has been given the name of the Syrian refugee crisis. Refugees have since been displaced throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North America and have become a global issue that has had difficult solutions. Refugees that have uprooted their lives due to the violence and war brought about from the Syrian civil war still face difficulty being accepted in countries around the world and face larger obstacles when starting life over.
Arab Spring
The mass migration of Syrian refugees can be traced back
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