The Syrian Refugee Crisis Is An Outcome Of The Civil War

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To: Dr. Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General
From: Dr. Amena Al-Diri, Strategic Advisor to OCHA-Syria
Subject: Proposal to solve the Syrian civil war in the UN Security Council
Date: 09/22/2015

Executive Summary

The Syrian refugee crisis is an outcome of the civil war that has suffered this country over four years. Therefore, a solution to this conflict is urgently needed to stop the humanitarian tragedy and the flood of refugees. In Syria’s civil war, the critical mass participation of local and international actors, with different priorities, perceptions and interests, has dramatically reduced the likelihood of a negotiated or military solution. In this context, the United Nation Security Council is the most suitable and pragmatic space to lead and seek for a multilateral solution, instead of continuing with these failed unilateral or bilateral military interventions that have taken place in Syria. The UN Security Council should promote a converging and problem-solving approach between Russia, the United States and other regional powers involved in Syria’s crisis, like Saudi Arabia and Iran; and then try to negotiate with the Government, rebels and paramilitary groups, as well as define an international strategy to defeat Jihadists.

Background and Problem Statement

“A political solution to the crisis in Syria needs to be found. Until then, displacement

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