The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Evolution; the biological term for change over time. However, this word extends to much more than simply a bird’s beak getting longer over generations. This principle can also be associated with the growth of a person, but in a much more metaphysical fashion. To give an example, throughout this performance task, I have evolved as a writer, student, and team member. This is clearly exemplified through the steps my team and I took to complete this essay.
We began with plainly discussing all of my members’ ideas, eventually deciding our top three topic choices. Finally, we chose the Syrian refugee crisis as our paper’s topic. From there, we decided that the whole crisis was too broad and I already knew too much about it overall. Fortunately, focusing on Germany would solve both of those obstacles. It would center our research -- and therefore our paper -- and I had little information on particularly Germany. Next, we assigned each person a lens, ending with economic, social, historical, and cultural. For my individual paper I decided to research on how refugees can be economically beneficial for Germany. The sources I used were some I gathered from my Speech and Debate experience with the topic, and some were ones I had to avidly search for. This helped me improve because I practiced social and researching skills while working with my team, skills I will no doubt use in the future.
After finishing my research and individual paper, the next hurdle was completing the team
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