The System Of Banking Sector

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The system of banking in India is very extensive. The value of Indian banking sector is US$270 billion. And the deposit of the Indian banking sector is US$220 billion. Now the Indian banking sector has changed. Nowadays using of things like internet banking and core banking have made the daily operations of bank more easy to use. Mumbai is also known as the trade and commerce capital of India. These are the few basic things which are related to the Indian economy like Indian rupee is equal to 100 pause, the fiscal year is from 1 April-31 March, the trade organisations are WTO,SAFTA,BRICS,G2O and others. The current GDP growth is 5.8%.If we see the GDP in sectorial wise then in agriculture the GDP is 13.7%, in the industry sector the GDP is 21.5% and in the service sector it is64.8%The unemployment percentage in the urban areas is 3% and in the rural areas it is 2%.and in the numbers I id 10.8 million. The main industries in India are agriculture, petroleum products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, software,
Textiles, steel transportation equipment, machinery, cement, mining, construction. India’s rank is 142 when it comes to ease to doing business. India’s export is $313.2 billion in merchandize, $150.9 billion in service exports, $464.2 billion is the total exports. India’s import is $466 billion merchandizing imports, $124.6 billion in service imports, $590.6 billion is the total imports the public debt is 66.7% of GDP. The budget deficit is 4.8% of GDP. The revenues…

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