The System Requirements : Cloud Computing

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Chapter 3 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Cloud Computing is an efficient way to utilise the available infractures in a cost effective and performance efficient manner. We need to make sure that we have all the software’s and hardware’s that are required for the optimal performance of our product. Analysing this is a major step that should never be omitted. This analysis will further help us to decide the platforms on which our product can be deployed and the software support it require. Here we suggest the minimum hardware and software specification that should be met for our application to run efficiently. 3.1 Software Requirements Software requirement specification provides an overview of functional and non-functional requirements of the developing…show more content…
Cost of the tools used should be justifiable from the application under development’s perspective. For the development of this application we make use of following softwares. • Operating System : Windows • Programming Language : JAVA/J2EE • Storage : Mysql • Front end language :HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT,BOOTSTRAP • Framework : Hibernate. This application is built using java as the programming language. Java has lot of features which make it a choice of developers for application development. Few of the features are listed below. • Its free, object-oriented, easy to learn • It provides multimedia, multithreading and network support. • It has a rich class library and is platform independent. • Its popular among business enterprises. • Large set of IDE are available for the development of applications using java. • It is secure, robust and supports distributed computing. This application is built by using NetBeans 8.0 as the IDE. We must install jdk 1.8 to begin our implementation. Lower versions of jdk does not provide the required level of support that is required for simulation of the work. So, it is recommended to install jdk1.8 long with NetBeans version 8.0. Today everyone wants to access their data from all the devices that are with them. So, a developer must make sure, the developed application is user friendly as well as device friendly. To make our application device friendly, we make use of bootstrap for the development of front end. Bootstrap
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