The Systematic Approach to Training

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A. What is Systematic Approach to Training (SAT)
The Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) is a methodology for managing training programmes. It is an orderly; logical approach to determining what people must know and do at a particular job or a specific profession. The systematic approach to training ensures that people are prepared for their work by having the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to their job.

SAT begins with identifying people's work related needs. It ensures training is delivered properly; the employee learns what is important; and the employee is competent to be assigned to work. The systematic approach to training uses constant evaluation of the training program to ensure
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These become the basis for the design of the training course and for writing the student learning objectives.

2. Design
The design phase is really a decision making phase. In the design phase three important activities have to be completed:
a) What the student will learn in the class and how that learning will transfer to the job. From this activity we write student-learning objectives.
b) What will be taught and the instructional methods to be used to teach.
c) How the student will demonstrate competency to do the required work and examination plans are developed to test the student's competency.

Learning objectives can be broken into two types.
a) Terminal objectives explain what the student must be able to do after training on the job.
b) Specific learning objectives (enabling objectives) tell what knowledge, skills, and attitudes must be displayed during class.

The learning objectives are based upon the results of the analysis phase and they are given to students at the beginning of class so they know exactly what is expected of them to learn.

The design phase also determines what will be taught and how it will be taught. In this phase the instructional technology and the media to be used are selected. It could be a combination of audio-visuals or on the job training. Also the trainer has to carry out researches on existing training material to determine if material already exists to teach these learning
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