The Systems And Functions That Affect The Daily Operations Of The Bank

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1. Use the strategic grid that we discussed in class to analyze the World Bank Case study. Place several of the IT functions, systems and infrastructure in one of the quadrants and explain why you placed it there. (15 points) Factory: I chose the systems and functions that can affect the daily operations of the Bank. So, the having a 24/7 support team, commuting infrastructures and upgrading older systems to solve a critical problem such Y2K, are crucial for the business and any disruption could cost the bank to lose money. Support: Since the bank is having many branches across the world, these branches need some some systems to operate. So, improving these local systems is done in each branch by the local authority itself. Turnaround:…show more content…
This global Network benefits envisioned by the president Wolfensohn, which improved the cost-effectiveness and productivity of the Bank. 2. Identify and briefly explain three challenges that Muhsin, the CIO, needs to deal with? (15 points) • Global Implementation: The putting to practice and continued use of information technology systems by the bank requires wide collaboration with different players. Global information and Communication Technology servers have to be widely consulted by the bank. All the areas that will need improvement and affected by information technology have to be assessed before the system is put in place. Indeed, the cultural differences in general may lead to disagreement about the project itself, about the decision making process for common issues, and about the degree of coordination each unit considers appropriate. • The adoption of the new IS: Staff and clients were asked to change the way they did business and often to use new interfaces and systems. With a wide network of firms in different regions in the world, the adoption and utilization of Information Technology from similar service providers is quite challenging. Any new system will encounter one or more iterations of the change resistors. While some may stress over security issues, others will oppose the need to adjust their workflow. Keeping in mind certain clients are excited to embrace
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