The Systems Approaches to Manufacturing Essay

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The country’s manufacturing sector has been on the decline over the past few years. This is due to the rapid emerging shift from the manufacturing industry to the service business. Consequently, this has reduced the global competitiveness of the United States manufacturing industry. Consequently, a new approach has to be incorporated in both the manufacturing and supply sectors to enable the country to maintain its global competitiveness. The most effective solution is the adoption of a systems approach that offers a new dimension in solving complex problems in almost every sector of the nation’s economy.
According to President Barack Obama, rebuilding the United States manufacturing sector is the key to helping the country win the future.
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Systems approach is a rational tool for mobilizing science and technology to solve large-scale complex problems in a complete logical manner. This approach is important especially during the designing, improvement, redesigning, or implementation of new manufacturing products. In the current economic and industrial setting, a systems approach in the design and operation of manufacturing is more vital than ever. For instance, in the automobile industry, if a car model needs antilock brakes, an engineer or designer must consider various views of the customer. The designer should be influenced by how the customer will visualize the change, chances for misuse, and the repair and installation procedures for the brakes. The length of the supply chains for several US companies is being increased by the current global competition and outsourcing. This makes it vital for these industries to utilize a systems approach to consider the big picture in their decision-making. Applying a systems approach is important in enhancing supply chain agility. This is because integrating the systems approach in supply provides a unit set of common and reliable data across an organization’s chain of production and supply. This approach will also allow for a secure multitier visibility to enhance
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