The Systems Development Life Cycle Paper

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Assignment The Systems Development Life Cycle Paper Jolynn Rose XACC/210 April 20, 2013 Jerry Eskew The Systems Development Life Cycle Paper By using different type of project management tools you can determined which tools and requirement that will be needed for the project. Project management has many tools available to help with managing projects. The two that are talked about in the chapter are these; Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Gantt charts, they help managers schedule and monitor the activities involved in large projects, such as implementation of a large-scale…show more content…
Rather, a Gantt chart treats each activity as if it were independent of the others, which of course is not really the case. For this reason, Gantt charts are better suited for systems implementation projects that are not complex and have relatively few interrelationships among implementation activities.” (p.436) It helps to look at the software as a framework that can be modified in hundreds of different ways to support your organization’s culture. If you have a disciplined organization with projects that are well defined and stable, you can implement many system capabilities relatively quickly to streamline and simplify formerly manual processes. However, if your organization is new to the field of project management, you might have to introduce system features in several phases so that the learning curve is not too steep. Another factor, which could be considered in planning the scope and phasing of your implementation are the history and type of project. ( There are so many different types of project management software that runs on desktop or notebook computers can perform these tasks easily and quickly, can enable a project leader to plan and control implementation tasks, and can help a team install a new system on time and within budget. Examples of project management software solutions include SAP, Agile, Microsoft Project, PlanBee, and Time Line. History shows that staging

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