The Systems Theory of Management

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The Systems Theory of Management The systems theory of management offers the adherents a wide perspective on the organizations they are charged with watching. “It provides a framework for visualizing internal and external environmental factors as an integrated whole” (Johnson, Kask, & Rosenweig, 1964). This interdisciplinary approach to managing a system or organization prepares a manager for all possible perturbations of the system in question. What is the Systems Theory of Management? The systems theory of management concerns itself with all the subsystems that converge to form the whole organization. Systems have inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes. Each of these subcomponents is an integral part of the whole and if each is…show more content…
The outcomes are the less tangible or less direct consequence of the outputs. These four processes are interdependent with feedback mechanisms. The feedback mechanisms keep the processes in balance (Johnson, Kask, & Rosenweig, 1964). Each of the components of a system must be in balance or the system will become unbalance and ineffective. Where did Systems Theory Come From? In 1951 and 1956, Bertalanffy and Boulding (as cited in Johnson, Kask, & Rosenweig, 1964) respectively, put down the framework for general systems theory as unifying scientific theories with the goal of finding a better way of describing the world and the interactions that form the complex interactions that we see. The theory expanded the older understanding of science, which tended to break problems down into small subunits and examine them as narrowly as possible. By recombining the units and looking for commonalities that previously had not been understood (Bertalanffy, 1972). An Example of General Systems Theory One demonstrable area where the effectiveness for general systems theory is easily visible is the management of transportation systems. Transportation systems involve many variable subsystems to work together as a whole, staff must be in the right area, materials must be on hand, and the weather must cooperate. The various agencies affected by the project must all agree on how the funding will be distributed and who controls it once it is distributed. And there are many other
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