The Tailor: Admirable Character In Seven In One Blow

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Admirable Character
The Tailor is a character in “Seven in one Blow”, a smart man using his surroundings to his advantage his goals. First, he trapped a boar by using a shack of a house. Then he killed two giants with stones. Finally, he got his prize but guilt came along with it. The Tailor is a dishonest man cheating his way to get what he wants. Tailor is nothing but a boastful man. First he did not kill any giant in one blow instead he killed seven flies in one blow. Not only did he lie to the people he lied to the king and the worst thing about it the king believed it and gave his daughter and half of his kingdom. The Tailor is a dishonest, cheater and not a man of character.
All the tailor wants is to praise men and he will do anything
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