The Take Over Of The Children

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The Take-Over of the Children Are you a literary festival virgin? Are you clueless about what to wear and expect? Have no fear, I am here to help. I too was a lit-fest-virgin until recently when I unexpectedly embarked upon something that has made me look at literature differently. I’m a student at Newman University in Birmingham and honestly, when I heard the words ‘literary festival’ my heart sank to somewhere not appropriate to mention (it begins with ‘b’ and ends in ‘um’). I panicked before the events, on my first event, I didn’t know what to wear. Did I go classy and middle-class or put on my best Miss Moneypenny glasses and borrow my Nan’s cardigan? Really, I was so flustered trying to get into Birmingham city centre (which took an hour) that when I arrived my jacket was screwed up in my bag and my hair was mostly in my mouth. So instead I just went with big fluffy comfort clothes and my paper and pen. Turns out, that you can wear what you like. So that is exactly what I did for the rest of my time. “The Cardigan Brigade” When I think of literary festivals and the kinds of people they attract my mind automatically thinks of ‘the cardigan brigade’, middle-class men and women fawning over books while sipping wine and talking about the deep workings of the books sub-plot and other bullshit. When I got there, my ideas of festival-goers were completely blown out of the water. Since it was my first time at a festival, I went all in and bought a festival pass so that I could
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