The Take Essay

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The documentary film “The Take” or “La Toma” shows Argentina in the midst and the aftermath of an economic collapse as unemployment skyrockets and almost half the country plummets below the poverty level. In the beginning of the documentary, shows an emerging economy transitioning into first world status comparing it to Australia or Canada where Argentina was considered the most prosperous middle-class in Latin America. However, the country took a turn for the worst under the presidential reign of Carlos Menem who drove the country into mass bankruptcy resulting in extreme poverty, exorbitant debts and record-breaking unemployment. The actions of Carlos Menem with the assistance of the International Monetary Fund transformed a…show more content…
Other workers affected by the collapse of Argentina’s economy are following in Zanon’s footsteps by fighting capitalism and re-opening under worker control. Private schools, health clinics, shops and other factories all join the cooperative. As one Brukman worker puts it, “For us workers’ accounting is easy, I don’t know why it’s so hard for the bosses.” After years of living with the repercussion of Menem’s bad business decisions, more than 200 companies and thousands of jobs have been recovered following the economic storm. As elections draw near, the man responsible for the economic ruin, Menem is back for his third presidency and is promising order, respect for the state of law and the right to private property. What this means is that everything that the workers cooperative fought for would be futile, as the factories would be returned to their rightful owners. As one factory worker puts it, “Menem and the factory owners represent the same interests. Rich impresarios; poor factories and workers, rich politicians and the people dying of hunger. They protect each other.” Despite driving the economy into turmoil, Menem has many supporters, as he’s promising nostalgia when the country was thriving. Many destitute people as a result of the economic demise are looking for a savior and Menem is offering stability. Also, piggybacked onto elections is
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