The Taken King, And Rise Of Destiny : The Development Of The Game

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The Destiny 2 beta begins in 7 days. It starts July 18, 2017 on a Tuesday. Its 184 hours away, or 11,040 minutes, or 662,400 seconds away. I am hyped for this if you cannot tell. The reason for this restlessness is because on July 17th, 2014, when the first Destiny beta released I was reassured that it would become maybe my favorite fps of all time. With the release of the full game in September 7, 2014 it became a top 3 Fps for me to play. But, I always felt like there could be more. I always felt like Destiny was a very good game, but that it had tweaks to be made, and additions to be added in the story to help it take that next step to greatness. A lot of the big DLC updates such as The Taken King, and Rise of Iron almost did it, but…show more content…
Last but not least for gameplay I hope they make different subclass builds feel much more unique. Also I hope they add more variability.

Next let’s talk about Destiny’s Bain, Story. Now story is something that destiny has improved on through its life span. People went from making the story the head of the destiny joke to praising improvements in voice acting and Lore. However, it’s not where it needs to be, not where it could be. For one I don’t know a single destiny character, I mean of course I know names. Xur is a fan favorite when he comes with the right loot. We all praise master Rahool in hopes that all of our engrams give us legendary weapons, although we know they won’t (anyone miss the days when purples weren’t guaranteed to be legendries?). The thing is, those characters weren’t written to be popular. We weren’t supposed to kneel before master Rahool. That happened as a trickledown effect of loot being a main theme of Destiny, and those characters being tied to loot. I don’t care about Zavala, I don’t care about Cayde, I don’t care about Shaxx, I don’t care about Zavala. I had no reason to. I care about Toland because his character was divulged upon in the grimoire cards. His story and why he became shattered began to interest me. A character who kind of wasn’t ever in the game was one of the most interesting characters of the

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