The Tale Of Beatrice's Divergent

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Beatrice Prior lives in a world where society is split into five different factions. Each of the factions are devoted to one characteristic: the selfless are called Abnegation, the brave: Dauntless, the peaceful: Amity, the honest: Candor, and the intelligent: Erudite. All 16 year olds choose a faction that they must dedicate their lives to forever. Beatrice’s choice is either to stay with her family, or to be who she is on the inside. Her choice surprises everyone, even herself. Beatrice changes her name to Tris, and during the cutthroat initiation process, she strains to stay above the rest. Making sure she doesn’t score below the line, to which she will be kicked out to the streets to live with the factionless. She must go through intense
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