The Tale Of Fairy Tales Essay

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Fairy tales have been told throughout time ever since gathering of people there’s been demand for telling stories to an audience. What started out as oral tales eventually evolved into written fairy tales. People now began to write stories for the young children that would teach them important life lessons that would be of major importance to them in the years to come. These lessons that were introduced into fairytales played an important role in the development of their unshaped minds because these tales would make it easier from to transition children into adolescence, and eventually into adults. However, as these fairy tales evolved from being oral to written society also evolved alongside with it. Society become became more advanced and sophisticated that the lessons that once had great meaning in a way became obsolete. In many instances the lessons that were preached in the tales degraded the roles of women by reducing to an object of marriage. It’s important to remember that fairytales were not intend to be seen as negative, in fact they originated as a means of good but the evolution of society and ever so changing mindset of people has caused people to look at these fairytales in a new scope. In doing so it was determined that fairy tales were no longer as good at teaching life lesson as they once were. In order to make fairytales into what they once were there needs to another evolution of fairy tales that will bring them up to speed to our current

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