The Tale Of Fairy Tales

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1. What is the genre of this story? Are there any other possible genres this story could fall into? This story is a Fairy-tale. Fairy-tales often have very archetypal and flat characters, often only embellished in re-tellings by various authors/story-tellers. It can be presumed that this is because most fairy-tales come from European oral tradition, so only the most essential things about the plot remain. In this case, the archetypal folkloric characters are the king, the princesses (the youngest and oldest being the only two given lines), the wandering retired soldier (who 's the protagonist), and the wise old woman who inexplicably knows all that is going on and helps him with magical items. There aren’t any other genres this story could be, as fairy-tales are a very niche category of story, as it has a way of plot and characters that is very unique to it genre. 2. What is the exposition of the story? Summarize it in your own words and provide an example of the text. The King’s daughters go out dancing every night, but no one knows where they go. So the King makes a proclamation, that whoever can figure it out in three days will become king after him and marry his favorite of the daughters. If the person can’t figure it out in the three days, they will be beheaded. Many princes from other countries come, try, and fail, and they’re all beheaded. 3. What is the rising action or actions in this story? What is the climax of this selection? What is the falling action in the

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