The Tale Of True Grit

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Set in the American frontier in the latter half of the eighteenth century, the tale of True Grit reads like the diary of a precocious, headstrong, and mature fourteen year old girl. Mattie Ross, the main character, recruits the callous, no nonsense U.S. Marshal Rooster, Cogburn to aid her in tracking down Tom Chaney, her father’s killer. Cocky, Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, needs Cogburn to guide him through Indian Territory because he too seeks justice, as well as a monetary reward, for capturing the same outlaw. Mattie demonstrates her strength of will as well as her resourcefulness, as the troupe takes on the unexpected in their adventurous wilderness journey. The three main characters; Mattie Ross, Rooster Cogburn, and Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, all demonstrate true grit in some similar and some dissimilar ways in both the 1968 novel by Charles Portis and the 2010 film adaptation by the Coen brothers. After the Civil War, American society began to move into a new direction and expand. The mid western and southern states growth is by the production of cotton and tobacco, while the distribution of alcohol begins to become prohibited across the nation. In the later 1800’s males and females gender roles were very distinct at this point in history. However in our story, Mattie Ross bends the rules and becomes a modern day feminist voice who insists on having her way. Throughout the film and the novel this is a consistent character quality of hers. In the very beginning of the film, she
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