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Moebius’ definition of intangible and invisible includes the vast array of human emotion and experiences from love to death through to responsibility and truth beyond the individual. His ideas are corroborated by Bader’s comment that they are about sensations and emotions, which provoke a shift in the reader’s paradigms (Moebius, 2009). This essay will look at how Potter and Browne convey these ideas using Moebius’ codes and exploring the concept of relationships concluding with how Potter and Browne illustrate their views on childhood. Voices in the Park has no page numbers thus for clarity they are strictly numerical (1-30) starting at first voice.
Picture books and picturebooks unlike novels have a very limited amount of words to
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In conjunction with pictorial clues of the snowdrop light, the bright Christmas tree lights in the flats and the joyous display of Browne’s parody of the Mona Lisa, the Laughing Cavalier and Santa Claus showing the second voice’s character lifting spirits (Beckett, 2001). The brightening of colour in this character’s pictures and thus his change in perception is quite subtle in comparison to awakening of spring as epitomised by Charles in the third voice. The picture on p14 shows heavy cross-hatching illustrating Charles’ limited experience and conveying a feeling of frustration. On meeting Smudge, the colour and style of the picture rapidly changes with the cross hatching disappearing and the colour becomes bolder. The division of the picture on p16 with Charles’s darkness on the left in contrast with Smudge’s bold colour on the right foreshadows adventure on the following pages. Charlie and Smudge change positions from left to right constantly throughout the third voice. The child on the right is being braver and more adventurous than the one on the left; this is especially true on p19 where Charles expression is one of uncertainty although he is intrepid due to his position on the right. Charles is never above Smudge, which according to Moebius shows his lack of confidence. In the picture on p20 shows, the perspective in the mid-ground but Charles looks directly at the reader sharing a version of reality he would prefer

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