The Tale of the New Dawn Rose

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In fact, he was too gentle that no one had thought he would be a fitting ruler. Unlike his father, King Claude the Fourth, he was considered weak and fragile to reign over the kingdom. In other words, Prince Damian Edward Rathbone wasn’t very princely. Although to at least improve his skills, he had been training with Juliet Middleford, a young maiden that was hired to be his personal sword fighting instructor. Juliet was snarky and a distant, but for Damian she would be a more fitting ruler compared to him.

“That hurts, you know.”
“Not my fault you can’t avoid a hit.”

Prince Damian flinched as his wounded hand was treated with medicinal herbs that felt like needles pricking his skin. “It’s partly your fault, Miss Middleford.” he snickered at the maiden who knelt below him. “You’re supposed to be my sword fighting instructor.”

“Damian, this is the sixth time you’ve been hurt. You’re supposed to evade my attack, not stand there and stare at the sky.” Juliet took some cloth and wrapped it around his injured hand. “You’re too soft. Feeble. Meek. How are you going to be king?” She scoffed as she continued bandaging him.

“Juliet, I’m not going to be anyway. Even Emrys is against it.” He sighed. Emrys Harriet is his father’s adviser, his right hand. “Father trusts him better than anyone else.” Damian added and let out a weak smile. If it was Emrys who…
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